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    Romanian Association For Sustainable Agriculture


    Thank you for helping us with your advice and/or deeds, for promoting the principles and practices of economically efficient and healthy agriculture for humans and other components of the environment, following the conservation or restoration of the environmental, social and economic resources of the agriculture and achieving diversified, stable, healthy crop at an affordable cost price, for the Romanian population, an incentive for agricultural producers.

    Dr. ing. Ion TONCEA



    Romanian Association For Sustainable Agriculture

    The greatest joy and honor it would be to reduce the suffering of nature and the countryside in Romania, in particular soil degradation and biodiversity, the intensification of extreme weather events, environmental pollution, poverty and depopulation of villages in Romania.
    In this context, we provide our knowledge and expertise for:
    – restoring and preserving ecosystems, particularly the capacity to adapt to climate change;
    – land cultivation, animal husbandry, processing and marketing of agricultural food products in accordance with the rules of organic farming and integrated;
    – upgrading rural and suburban areas, preserving traditional material and spiritual values and respect international rules.

    Dr. ing. Ion TONCEA



    • Acronym: A.R.A.D.;
    • Registration: 19.10.1998 on the basis of Romanian law 21/1924;
    • Type: Nongovernmental, apolitical, non-profit and interdisciplinary organization, concerning promotion of sustainable farming systems;
    • Target: Promotion of sustainable farming systems;
    • Fiscal certification (C.I.F.) No: 15940935/27.11.2003;
    • Bank and Account No.: PATRIA Bank – Plevnei agency, Bucharest; IBAN: RO10CARP012100290114RO02, RO16CARP0410000290114EU02;

    • Structure (departments): Ecological Agriculture and Integrated Farming;
    • Statutory activities:
    1. promotion and implementation of sustainable & organic farming standards;
    2. consulting as regards design of agro-ecosystems;
    3. theoretical and practical training of farmers and other rural entrepreneurs;
    4. inspection of farms and farming companies and certification of ecological products;
    5. – publishing of leaflets, periodicals, books and other scientific papers in order to preserve and rehabilitate the cultural values of Romanian village.

    • Members:
    1. 15 individual experts and supporters: researchers, professors, agronomists, rural entrepreneurs etc.;
    2. 20 farms, farming associations and business companies which work with field crops, vegetables, vineyard, fruit trees and shrubs;
    3. – 2 individual (small) farmer associations from Caraș Severin and Iași counties.


    TONCEA Ion CHAIRMAN  (tonceaion@gmail.com)
    PETRESCU Petrisor Vice president
    CASIS Marius Vice president –  Moldova branch
    GHEORGHE Gheorghe Dobrogea branch
    HOLENCIUC Alexandru Banat – Crisana branch
    SIMION Enuta Secretary
    SIMION Denisa Treasurer


    SIMIONESCU Violeta responsible for training
    BOROI Marius responsible for the relationship with the press
    VLAD Virgil responsible for the website
    RANCA Aurora responsible for research, innovation, development
    PAMFIL Vasilică responsible for integrated organic farming
    IONITA Constantin responsible ecological farming
    LAMUREANU Gheorghe responsible for integrated agriculture
    TONCEA Vladimir Adrian responsible for quality and environmental protection



    Together with our members we work to conserve or restore environmental resources, economic and social aspects of agriculture and to obtain diversified agricultural crops, at stable, healthy and affordable cost-price for the Romanian population and viable for agricultural producers.

    Dr. ing. Ion TONCEA

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    SCV Murfatlar


    National Action Plan for the Development of Organic Agriculture

    In the period 1999-2018, A.R.A.D. participated in seven research projects, innovation and technology transfer :

    • IAIR 2000, financed by Foundation for Open Society, with the purpose of training and technical assistance of rural entrepreneurs from 8 Romanian counties: Satu Mare, Cluj, Sălaj, Maramures, Bacău, Suceava, Olt and Constanţa (1999 – 2000);
    • Agronomic and environmental impacts of organic (ecological) farming systems in Romania and Greece. Development of prototype technology for improving organic (ecological) farming systems ; Bilateral project between Greece and Romania (2003-2005);
    • Integrated system to support the farmers and farmer associations from Calarasi county for sustainable land use, co-financed by Ministry of Agriculture, Forests, Waters and Environment and World Bank (2004 – 2005);
    • – Structural Strengthening of the Network for Sustainable Agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe, financed by VROM/AVALON – Holand (2006);
    • ECOLEARNING, project financed by the EU LEONARDO DA VINCI program (2007 – 2009);
    • LIVESEED, project financed by the EU Horizon 2020 program (2017 – 2021);
    • RUBIZMO, project financed by the EU Horizon 2020 program (2018 – 2021);

    Other achievements:

    • Founding member of:
      – National Federation of Ecological Agriculture;
      – Regional Federation for small and middling companies;
      – AVALON network;
      – Global Network on Organic Food System Program (OFSP).
    • Co-organizer of the National and International symposiums, conferences, seminars, as well as of the International Fair ”Eco-Int Natural Taste”;
    • Main or (co)organizer of: yearly conference, seminars, flying visits and meetings and participation in broadcasting radio and TV;
    • Publishing of booklets, leaflets, papers and of the magazine ”Eco agricultura românească”;
    • Participation in local, national and international exhibitions – IndAgra and BIOFACH;
    • Main partner of TIME foundation/Bulgaria for booklet “Eco-Farming Practical Guide”, 2007s;



    Useful information on Organic Agriculture

    Information about EC Regulations, as well as other information related to organic agriculture




    National Action Plan for the Development of Organic Agriculture

    Waiting for your suggestions and analyzes

    Handbook of Organic Agriculture

    (authors Ion Toncea, Enuta Simion, Georgeta Ionita Nitu, Daniela Alexandrescu, Vladimir Adrian Toncea)

    Unexpected water

    (author I. Toncea)




    Windbreaks farm



    Starting 1 January 2009, the Regulation EC (European Commission) no. 2092/1991, was repealed, and the organic farming activities will be conducted in accordance with EC Regulation no. 834/2007 and its implementing rules set out in Regulation EC No. 889 / 05.09.2008




    N. Titulescu Ave, no. 3
    915200 Fundulea
    Calarasi County


    email: tonceaion@gmail.com
    Mobile: +40.724.38.43.01
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